The formula for the correct carriages repair

In logistics, the technical condition of the carriages is of great importance.  In some cases, repairs are required, since equipment wear is inevitable.  The acceptance of freight carriages is carried out according to strictly regulated rules.  These requirements are spelled out in the regulatory documents by the masters of our company.  There are several types of repairs for freight and passenger carriages.

Overhaul principles

In the course of major overhaul procedures, specialists restore the service life of carriages that have served a long service life.  As part of this repair, all worn out components are replaced.  If such parts are non-removable, they will be repaired on site.

Repair of carriages

About repair requirements:

Repair of carriages


The installed spare parts must have certificates;

Repair of carriages


All spare parts comply with the established standard;

Repair of carriages


Responsible components must be branded.


This type of functional restoration gives the opportunity to replace worn-out parts with new models.  Manipulations are performed on special paths.

We offer services for the repair of railway equipment at affordable prices.  Call to technically competently put the carriage in order!