Secrets of the correct purchase of carriages

Before purchasing a carriage, it is recommended to determine the purposes for which such an acquisition is necessary.  There are several variants of carriages for the transport of goods and passengers.  All carriages can be divided into specialized and universal.


Specialized ones are suitable only for a certain type of cargo transportation.


Universal models can be used for different purposes.

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What models are in general demand?

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How liquid cargo is transported

It is more convenient to transport liquid and bulk materials in tanks. The carrying capacity of such carriages is up to 65 tons. In some cases, up to 125 tons. If necessary, additional means can be used on such carriages to support the transported goods.

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Transportation of long lengths

In this case, it is convenient to take advantage of an advantageous offer and buy platform carriages. They help to achieve general purpose and transportation of timber, special cargo such as cars or heavy containers.

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Features of carriages for passengers

Passenger carriages differ from freight carriages by the presence of high-quality thermal insulation and electrical equipment. Our company works directly with carriage factories, therefore we have affordable prices. We are ready to offer any types of carriages, depending on the purpose.