WAGON-HOPPER Model 19-9774

Model: 19-9774
Year built: 2016
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The car is intended for general network use on the railways of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries with a track gauge of 1520 mm for bulk transportation of goods requiring shelter from atmospheric precipitation: bulk granular, coarse-grained, crystalline potash fertilizers, as well as bulk powdery raw materials for their production, from the place of production to consumers, having special receiving and unloading devices for unloading.

Indicator name Unit of measurement Value
Length along the axes of automatic couplers mm 13720
Length of the car frame along the end beams mm 12500
Wagon base mm 9500
Height of coupler axle from rail head level mm 1040-1080
The height of the car from the level of the railheads mm 4580
Wagon width mm 3230
Track gauge mm 1520
Overall GOST 9238
Number of unloading doors pcs. 4
Clear unloading hatch size mm 1080×475
Number of loading doors pcs. 4
Size of loading doors mm 1550х600
Body volume m3 82
Capacity t 70.5
Tare weight t 23
Design speed km / h 120
Load from wheelset on rails kN 230.5