Unified inter-car connections (MVS) of the E018-0 type and their components

We implement “Unified inter-car connections (MBS) type E018-01”
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There are 5 types of configurations on sale. The only difference is (plug with cable, different length)

  1. MBS set * (95-4,25)
  2. MBS set * (95-3,75)
  3. MBS set * (185-5.40)
  4. MBS set * (185-4,25)
  5. MBS set * (185-3,75)

The set * of the unified intercar connection type E 018-01 consists of 4 parts:

  1. Plug with cable
  2. Bracket drawing
  3. High voltage socket drawing
  4. Receiver blank drawing

Note: to complete one carriage, two sets of MBS are required, the above cost of 2 sets of MBS for a car is calculated and may vary. For locomotives, a kit with a 185mm2 cable is supplied.

The socket ** is universal – it has the possibility of two-sided cable connection and can be used for installation on German-supplied cars and cars produced by the Tver Carriage Works.