Air diffuser 242-1

Post index: 242-1
TU: 3184-075-05756760-2006
OKP: 31 8421
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Air distributors 242-1, 242-1-01 are designed to control the change in the pressure of compressed air in the brake cylinder depending on the change in pressure in the brake line during braking.

Execution options:
– air distributor 242-1 – cast iron;
– air distributor 242-1-01 – in aluminum version


Passenger cars, multi-unit rolling stock, passenger and cargo-passenger locomotives of railway transport.

Terms of use

Climatic modification U1, T1 in accordance with GOST 15150.
Special conditions: the range of operating temperatures of the ambient air, which does not impair the performance of the product, ± 55 °.

Specifications 242-1 242-1-01
Working range of charging pressure in the brake system of the train, at which the air distributor is operable, MPa (kgf / cm 2 ) 0.45-0.56 (4.5-5.6)
Velocity of propagation of a brake wave in a train of 30 carriages during emergency braking, m / s, not less 250
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 271 × 250 × 310
Weight, kg, no more 24.0 17.0

Air distributor type – automatic, with stepless release.

Modes of action:

  • “K” mode – short train;
  • “D” mode – long train.

It is possible to enable and disable the emergency braking accelerator in any of the modes.